Friday, August 10, 2012

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MELTER GEMS GIVEAWAY!!!! Hosted by Its Not Just Another Bag AND!

With the NEW RAVE of Diamond Candles and many other candles coming out with Rings and Necklaces in them These MELTER GEMS have become a BIG HIT!!!! Melter Gems are crystals that have been colored and infused with high quality fragrance oil. You place about 1/4 cup in a Glazed or Glass top melter/warmer. They release fragrance much faster then waiting for wax to melt. Within just minutes your entire home will be filled with your favorite fragrance. Each package comes with a ring in it! Valued from $10 -$1000! Want to change fragrances, just pour out the Melter Gems in your melter, quick wipe with a paper towel, put in new fragrance. Sign up and get in on the chance to giveaway TWO YES TWO packages of melter gems! ONE lucky winner will be able to choose their scent and SIZE of their ring! You will get a Facebook link for FREE and all other link will be a $1. This needs to be pay pal to Other links include pintrest, picketfence, and Twitter! The Giveaway will go from August 17th- August 25th. I will send out the HTML by email and also post in the group by August 15th. This will be a GREAT giveaway! The last one I had I gained over 400 news fans just in 4 hours! Everyone is wanting to try these so get in on the chance to help your fans win TWO packages of them!


  1. This looks awesome have never seen this before.

  2. I love the Melter Gems! They have such a great variety of scents!